Four Types Of Gold Investments You Should Know About

You can invest in gold through different means such as buying physical gold (coins, bars), investing in gold mining stocks, gold mutual funds or buy other forms of physical gold such as collectible gold coins and gold jewelry. Among all these means, there are three gold investments that everyone should know about.

Physical Gold

Physical gold can be purchased in the form of gold bars, bullion coins or collectible gold coins. According to experts, buying gold bars is the easiest way of investing in the metal. Gold bars can be purchased through authorized dealers. You can search on their rankings on the web and choose accordingly. Gold bars however come with a small storage cost as it is recommended to get your bars deposited in a bank.

Gold bullion coins and collectible gold coins are two other ways of gaining physical access to the metal. Gold coins are available in different varieties. Before you choose which one to buy, make sure you search on the coins that are accepted by the US government. On the other hand, collectible gold coins also grant physical access to the metal to users but they are not the first choice of preference among investors. The potential of the coins however is great. Collectibles can be traded for a higher price at any point in time or few years from the date of purchase as antiques are always valued high.

Gold ETFs

Aside from buying physical gold, you can also invest in Gold Exchange Traded Funds. However, ETFs make a wise choice of investment only for those who are familiar with investing in stocks. You need to have some basic understanding of investing money if you are going for an ETF. An ETF however is open to everyone and is not as complex as it is said to be.

Gold Stocks and Futures

Many investors start their gold investment venture by investing in gold stocks. Gold stocks can be purchased by anyone at any point in time. However, you must always do your research on the top gold stocks before you invest. Observing market trends and stock trends is the key to becoming a great gold stocks investor.  You can use them in a regular trading account or your 401k account.

Contrarily, gold futures are riskier and far more complex than any other type of gold investment. However, since the risk associated with gold futures is high, it is not a safe choice of investment for new investors.

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