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Hundreds of companies were surveyed in our official 2022 Gold IRA Report.

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This is the definitive list of the very best precious metals companies. We have subjected each of these companies to a rigorous review process, and they have all scored highly across key criteria. After all of the analysis was completed, we found only one company we FULLY recommend to ALL types of Americans looking to invest in precious metals. You can enter your email address on their website and receive a free gold investing kit and education on the Gold 401(k) (or IRA) rollover process.



Goldco is the most recommended company in the precious metals industry, boasting over a decade of helping customers protect their hard-earned retirement savings. If you have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, savings or similar tax-advantaged retirement account, the specialists at Goldco can educate you on how to protect those assets with a Precious Metals IRA.

Goldco also offers direct sales of gold and silver. Whether you are looking for a direct precious metals purchase, or want to take advantage of the wealth protection strategy the Gold IRA (or 401k) rollover provides, you can rest assured you are working with the #1 precious metals company and will be treated with white glove service.

What is a Gold 401(k) (or IRA) Rollover?

This investment method is when you rollover your existing 401(k) or IRA plan from dollar-bound assets such as mutual funds and stocks into gold or other precious metals investments.  This strategy is used by savvy investors to navigate turbulent financial markets and have a balanced portfolio. In short, you can sleep easier when there is global turmoil knowing that the value of gold appreciates as that of the dollar plummets. 

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How We Rate and Monitor Gold IRA Companies Continued Performance

We never take shortcuts in our efforts to select the best gold IRA companies in the precious metals industry. We request information, set up accounts, interact with economic advisors, interview the sales teams, and check out the processes, procedures, and even depositories. This allows us to gain first hand experience of the customer journey and be able to recommend companies like Goldco and be confident every customer will be taken care of like family.

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What It Takes to Make the Best Gold IRA Company List

Our list only considers Precious Metals Companies who Meet the Following Criteria:

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